Stamps models

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Stamps are indispensable tools for every entrepreneur. They are used when concluding contracts, sending letters and organizational activities. Our offer includes many models from leading manufacturers on the market, such as Colop, Wagraf or Trodat. Stamp price also includes a project cost.

Most frequently chosen stamps are: Colop C20, C30, C40, R30, R40, IQ 50 and IQ 60. Also popular are mini date-stamps and mini number-stamps. Among the Trodat products, the most frequently chosen models are 4911, 4912, 4913, 9411 and 9412. Our offer includes also stamp inks in many standard colors.

We offer durable, solid and high-quality stamps models. They are perfect as personal and company stamps. They can fit up to 10 lines of text. As a client you can choose to put your company logo on them. Our specialists are pleased to help you choose the appropriate stamp model and answer any questions you may have.

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Business cards

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Business cards are indispensable promotional materials for people in managerial positions, customer advisors or sales representatives. The Stempleks company offers both printing of business cards based on a project provided by the client, as well as the creation of a completely new, unique template, adapted to specific requirements of the industry and customer expectations.

If you already have a completed business card design, please send it to us in the attachment at Specify the ordered quantity and type of paper. Our specialists will immediately proceed to order fulfillment – if the project does not require the necessary corrections, we will implement it without the need for additional approval.

If you do not have a design of company business cards, the Stempleks graphic designers will be pleased to make it for you on the basis of the materials and guidelines provided. Prepared temple will be sent for approval and possible changes. If you decide to commission a project and print of individual business cards, you only pay once – both services are included in one low price.

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If your business is local, you can invest in traditional leaflets, which can help you quickly gain customers from the closest area. Our company will be satisfied to provide you with the necessary advertising materials – we offer printing of templates provided by customers and designing a completely new leaflet from scratch, in accordance with their expectations and current trends.

If you have your own leaflet design – send it to us as an attachment at Remember to include number of leaflets ordered and type of paper in your message. Our graphic designers will prepare the order right after receiving the project. If it is not necessary to make additional changes, we will do it without the customer’s approval.

If you do not have a leaflet template, our specialists will prepare a completely new, original project. We will take into account all provided guidelines and graphic materials (logo, illustrations). We will send you prepared pattern for approval or correction. Design and printing of leaflets for individual orders at Stempleks are two services in one, attractive price.

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